*Dead^Girl* (whoreofsatan) wrote,

Blood On My Bed

(This poem was about my abusive ex)

Do u deserve my eyes
Shining upon ur body
U, the one who makes me cry
Where is the proof that u love me
I see ur shadow
From within the light
I beg god to know
For me are u right
As though the blood hasnt fallen so many times before
I have closed my swollen red eyes
Shut that door
And hoped that u would just die
When will ur face fade
Will it go from view
Blacken shade
I want to kill u

Nothing is true
When I lay in bed
And imagine a world with u
All that can come from it in the end
Is a broken heart to a broken soul
A mistake I wont make again
Maybe I'm much too beautiful
To repeat it all

Maybe love was something so fake
Something next time
That I shall not mistake
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