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"Could I Express?"

In these days
Of crying tears
Lost emotions
That came from deep fears

Could I sit before u
Legs crossed
Like a lady
Could I express
Put u on the higher level
And remind u
That I never thought u were like the rest

I would look at u
When u werent looking
U would never see
From across a room
I would just know
That u were the one meant for me
Dreaming is believing
Believing is knowing
That all that has happened
U are the embrace I cry to remember
I cry...
I cry
I long to be
That girl u wrap ur arms around
As we sit and listen to music
U will tell me u love me in a whisper
I will blush as I say it back
This is how I know now
That I Could express
The great need I have for u
To set u apart from the rest

Maybe not enough
I dont say enough
But I love u.......
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