*Dead^Girl* (whoreofsatan) wrote,

"Take That Glass And Break It Over My Face"

I'm blind

I'm scared of myself

I asked for too much for u to see

Just the wrong moment of time

And u will never love me

Like I want u to

Doesnt matter that I love u

Couldnt change the way things fell down

How far they had broken below

I dont want to open these eyes

Only to realize

That I am nothing more then a image of what I will never know

I'm to afraid of who I am

Hold my hand

Show me love?

Accept for just this time

Allow this to be the moment of

When I am something more to u then just a visit to ur mind

Maybe I should cut these tired and weak wrists

Holding pieces of glass

I hold myself back

I resist

Is all I ever am

Someone u choose to never understand

Was a girl too much for u to care about

I just want to bleed here in ur image

In ur form

I bleed this pain

To show u that even as death showers me with attention

It will be only ur name

The exits my lips

As I lay here forever dying of a lost game...
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